Elena is a teacher, trainer, founder of ERI Romanian-Finnish School Sibiu and serial entrepreneur, with 30 years of volunteering at local, national and European level. She has ample knowledge of operations in companies and organizations, public, private, hospitality, human resources, business, education.

With over 22 years of training experience in the public, business and non-governmental sector, in the country and abroad, she was involved in youth organizations at national and European level. She was the President of the European Confederation of Youth Clubs and actively contributed to the European Commission’s youth programs. She coordinated national and European projects, managed human resources as a leader and manager, built teams and organizations. In 2004 she founded Future Capital a private company focused on long life learning and adult education, culture and tourism.

She co-founded ERI Romanian-Finnish School of Sibiu and the Finnish Teacher Training Centre where she dedicated her energy to training children, teachers and other adults. She has been focusing all her efforts on pursuing her dream – quality education for a meaningful life. Since 2018 she is the Honorary Consul of Finland in Sibiu and in 2020 she was the leader of the Task Force for Education of the Coalition for the Development of Romania. 

In recent years, she has been involved in over 100 events for education, both physically and online. She is part of various teams that create educational policies and participates in Romania's impact projects for education: Educated Romania, EduNetworks, SuperTeach, Talent Manager for Schools. 

2023 was a reset year, a sabbatical meant to bring more focus and knowledge to the fields Elena has been active in: education, culture and tourism and especially entrepreneurial education and representation, as well as in new fields that are #aheadofourtimes, such as Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT).

In 2024 she launched the fundamental course on Artificial Intelligence for teachers and became the CEO of MBA Junior, the program that help children 9-12 learn best about entrepreneurship.

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