Holotracker is an AI-based platform that supports the evaluation of students based not only on subject-based competences, but it enables educators to show learners’ character and skill growth. Using AI, the tool can quickly create visual and written reports for every learner. It can articulate the unique learning rhythm of every individual, group, or your whole institution. It offers formative feedback to learners, and keeps educators and parents in the loop.

Supporting wellbeing, 21st century skills and character growth cannot just be a buzzword. Too often, growth in these qualities stay abstract and unseen. This is especially so for the 90% of learners that ‘fly under the radar’ in school, at work and even at home. To advance education, it is fundamental that we learn to observe, affirm and support growth in these holistic dimensions. The challenge is being able to do so in a way that is authentic and practical (without extra, repetitive work for educators). Holotracker creates this medium for holistic evaluation based on adaptive criteria while reducing teacher workload.

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