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1. Defining Elements of Website Usage

Site-ul: www.d2l.ro este proprietatea DARE TO LEARN SRL, cu sediul în Sibiu, Str. Rusciorului, Nr.50, Bl.18A, Ap.15, Jud. Sibiu, CUI/CIF: RO49257482, ORC: J32/2350/2023. www.d2l.ro este un site comercial, ce promovează și oferă servicii de formare profesională continuă a adulților.

User: any visitor, client, buyer (individual or legal entity) accessing the pages of the website: www.d2l.ro

Accessing and using any information on this site implies acceptance of the terms and conditions presented below.

DARE TO LEARN SRL reserves the right to modify these provisions without any prior notice, with the current version available at the “Terms and Conditions” address. Any other version is considered null and void.

DARE TO LEARN SRL guarantees visitors access to this site with the purpose of visiting, viewing, purchasing, and contacting the representatives of the DARE TO LEARN SRL through the methods available on the Contact page.

DARE TO LEARN SRL prohibits visitors and users from modifying and changing the content of the pages, downloading images or texts used on the site, or using (partially or entirely) any elements used on the site.

Furthermore, through this Terms and Conditions policy, DARE TO LEARN SRL does not grant the right to use the elements of the website for commercial purposes without obtaining prior written consent from the representatives of the company.

2. Copyright

The entire content of the website (images, texts, explanations, slogans, symbols, web graphic elements, image collages, texts, etc.) is the property of DARE TO LEARN SRL. In the event that the content or any of the elements mentioned above were created and obtained from a third party through a previously written and signed contract, they are subject to the same copyright policies regulated by Law No. 8/1996 and all laws concerning intellectual property currently in force. DARE TO LEARN SRL prohibits the use of all the elements mentioned above regarding the website content and reserves the right to notify authorities in case there is suspicion that any of the provisions of the current laws are violated.

3. Services and Pricing Policy

All services promoted on the www.d2l.ro website are marketed by DARE TO LEARN SRL. The prices of the services are periodically updated and may change at any time without prior notification.

All prices are final, expressed in lei, and do not include VAT. DARE TO LEARN SRL reserves the right to change the descriptions, specifications, and pricing of the services without notifying its users, visitors, or existing customers. The price of each training program is displayed on the descriptive page of the respective program, with rates subject to adjustments in accordance with the company’s discount policy.

4. Participation in Training Programs – General Conditions:

Enrollment in a course is completed by filling out a registration form, unique for each program. Confirmation of a spot is achieved through the payment of the participation fee, which includes all educational materials, the trainer’s performance, and a participation certificate. The participant must pay the participation fee in full through a bank transfer to the Provider’s account by the due date of the invoice.

DARE TO LEARN SRL reserves the right to modify the program’s execution dates in situations where the minimum required number of participants for optimal implementation is not reached or the trainer’s availability changes due to objective reasons.

If, for objective reasons, the training program cannot take place on the initially planned and confirmed date, the beneficiary (participant) will be notified, consulted regarding their availability, and enrolled in the immediately following date as per the scheduling available on our website, in the “calendar” section. In case of unavailability on the proposed new date, a full refund will be issued.

If the beneficiary decides to withdraw from participating in the training program, they must communicate this in writing, via email to learn@d2l.ro, at least 5 working days before the scheduled training session. The beneficiary can choose to reschedule for a later date or receive a refund of the participation fee if it has already been paid.

Total withdrawal from the course with less than 5 working days before the course start date entails a penalty fee of 25% of the course value, representing administrative expenses. The penalty will not be applied if the participant opts for another course with a start date later than the initially chosen one. The withdrawal procedure is only accepted once.

Non-completion of the course due to reasons attributable to the DARE TO LEARN SRL entitles the beneficiary to request and obtain a proportional refund based on the hours of the course not provided until its completion.

5. Collection of Personal Data

DARE TO LEARN SRL has access to the personal data collected and may exercise its rights to use this data in accordance with Law 677/2001. Personal data transmitted through course registration forms is strictly used for issuing the tax invoice and conducting the chosen professional training program by the beneficiary, and will be deleted once their retention is no longer necessary, in accordance with legal provisions.

By visiting www.d2l.ro, users agree that their activity may be recorded through cookies for statistical purposes, to collect and aggregate data regarding the number of visitors, their time spent, and online behavior. DARE TO LEARN SRL employs security measures to guard against the loss, alteration, or unauthorized use of the data collected by third parties. Additionally, DARE TO LEARN SRL will never sell the collected data to third parties.

6. Quality of Hosting Services, Links to Other Sites, Operating Errors

The website www.d2l.ro is hosted on servers provided by a third-party company. DARE TO LEARN SRL cannot be held responsible for any errors that may occur on the site, regardless of the reasons for their occurrence, including changes to the site, settings, or updates of programmed scripts. DARE TO LEARN SRL cannot be held liable for errors resulting from the use of certain browsers to visit the site. DARE TO LEARN SRL is not responsible for the content, quality, or nature of the sites reached through links from its site.

7. Privacy Policy

DARE TO LEARN SRL does not collect personal information from users without their prior consent. The company will not commercialize, share, or provide any personal information of its users to third parties, in accordance with the privacy policy outlined below.

DARE TO LEARN SRL guarantees the security and confidentiality of data hosted and transmitted through its computer system. All such information will only be used by the company to inform the user about potential special offers, promotions, advertising campaigns, etc. At the users’ request, the company undertakes to delete any personally identifiable information from its database.

DARE TO LEARN SRL commits to taking all necessary measures to keep user data secure. The company assumes no responsibility and cannot be held liable in case the data storage system leads to the loss, copying, or unauthorized deletion of personal data by unauthorized individuals.

Information provided by users on the www.d2l.ro website will only be used for the purpose for which it was entered (contacting company personnel, subscribing to newsletters, etc.). DARE TO LEARN SRL does not provide users’ email addresses to third parties, does not endorse spam, and never discloses the data provided by its clients without their prior written consent.

Any attempt or unauthorized access to the DARE TO LEARN SRL database or files will be prosecuted by the competent authorities in accordance with applicable laws. Access to the database is authorized only for specific company employees, and any attempt to change, copy, or delete any information from the database will be considered an attempt at fraud.

8. Final provisions

Any measure, issue, or incident not covered by this Terms and Conditions policy can be resolved amicably based on a written request addressed to the management of DARE TO LEARN SRL within a period of 30 days. By using this site, you implicitly agree to the privacy policy and the terms and conditions listed on this page.

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