Participant Packages*

*19% VAT is added to the price of the packages; for corporate tax deductible international or intra-EU purchases, different rules may apply, please contact us at facturare@d2l.ro for a deductible VAT-invoice
Level 1 Pack
Level 1
  • participation in all sessions on the main stage (keynotes, panels, debates);

  • participation in related events (product demonstrations, book launches);

  • access to specially arranged interaction and testing spaces;

  • official certificate of participation.

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Level 2 Pack
Level 2

Includes all components of Level 1 plus:

  • participation in two masterclasses of your choice.
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Level 3 Pack
Level 3

includes all components of Level 1 plus:

  • participation in four masterclasses of your choice;
  • a certificate of participation signed by a keynote speaker.
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VIP Package

includes all components of Level 3 plus:

  • seat in the designated VIP area;

  • access to the Official Lounge alongside speakers and sponsors;

  • snacks, coffee, water throughout the event;

  • participation in a networking dinner;

  • an autographed copy of John Hattie's work, "Visible Learning: The Sequel".

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VIP+ Package

It includes a VIP package for the purchaser and a gift VIP package, including transport and accommodation, for a teacher from rural areas to be selected by the organizers based on criteria agreed with the purchaser.

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[Let's accelerate learning!]

Rezervă-ți loc la întâlnirea cu liderii învățării de secol 21!

Places at Masterclasses are limited and are allocated in the order in which this booking form is submitted, until sold out. Only after the payment is made, the places are guaranteed. If payment is not made at the time of booking or within no more than 3 (three) working days from the date of completion of the booking process, the booking will be cancelled and the places put back on sale.
We accept card payments
Plată integrală
Plată în rate
D2L General

În cazul achiziţionarii mai multor pachete, toţi participanţii vor primi un email cu adresa web la care îşi pot rezerva locul la Masterclass-uri

D2L General Rate


[Oferte speciale]


Group offers

For every five packs purchased, one pack of the same type is free. To access the offer, please select the number of packages you want (between 6 and 9), follow the steps in the booking process, and choose "special offer" as the payment method.
Alternatively, you can contact us by email, rezervari.grup@d2l.ro, or by phone, 03 71 71 57 57, Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.

Special offer exclusively for corporate clients.
For 10 or more packages, Level 2 or higher, purchased, get or gift 10 free packages of the same type. To access the offer, please contact us by email, rezervari.grup@d2l.ro or by phone, 03 71 71 57 57, Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.


Ofertă specială PNRAS

Exclusiv pentru școlile cu risc ridicat și mediu de abandon școlar, care sunt înscrise în Programul Național de Reducere a Abandonului Școlar, punem la dispoziție pachete personalizate care includ prioritate la masterclassuri ce vizează combaterea abandonului școlar și incluziunea, precum și servicii complete de cazare pe durata evenimentului. Directorii sau responsabilii de Program sunt invitați să ne contacteze pentru detalii și oferte personalizate la rezervari.pnras@d2l.ro.


All-inclusive offer

In cooperation with our partners at Fabrio Turism, we offer additional accommodation and transportation services to participants from the country and abroad. For details contact us at reservari@d2l.ro. rezervari@d2l.ro.


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