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Day 1
25 October 2024
Day 2
26 October 2024
Acces & Networking
Main Stage
John Hattie - How can teachers make learning visible?
Zack Kass - Leveraging AI for Quality Learning Opportunities

Masterclass 101.
Learning Math Successfully – Henri Muurimaa, Eduten (recommended mainly for Maths and Science Teachers)

Masterclass 201.
Cum pregatim elevii pentru un viitor high-tech? – Prof Razvan Bologa, Computer Science Department at the Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest, CEO and Founder NextLab.Tech, (interpretation English-Romanian on demand)

Masterclass 301.
Citim conștient pentru a învăța si a ne informa! Strategii de literație disciplinară / Conscious reading to learn and be informed! Disciplinary Literacy Strategies – Laura Piros, Ema Patrichi & Raluca Voina

Masterclass 401.
Competențe - de la teorie la schimbarea practicilor educaționale / Competencies - from theory to changing educational practices – Daniela Tepes & Gabriela Deliu

Masterclass 501.
Borne conceptuale pentru transformarea unui profesor bun într-un profesor excepțional / Conceptual milestones for transforming a good teacher into an exceptional one – Antoaneta Luchian, Briena Stoica & Bogdan Ratiu

Masterclass 601.
Cradle to Career. What constitutes a great school? – Ed Vainker, CEO Reach Foundation 

Masterclass 701.
Transforming learning in the 21st century – Alex Beard, Teach for All, Global Learning Lab  (English only)

Masterclass 801.
Teaching as collective leadership. Relationships: what you can’t see but lies behind the best classes in the world – Steven Farr, Teach for All

Break (Lunch)
Main Stage
Graham Brown-Martin - Learning (Re)Imagined: New Thinking, New Ideas, New Methods
Charles Leadbeater - The Future of Learning: Innovation, not Prodution

Masterclass 102.
How can we use AI to support holistic evaluation of pupils? – Aik Yank Ng, Holotracker, Singapore (interpretation English-Romanian)

Masterclass 202.
Increasing student engagement in Maths classrooms – Richard Wilson, Founder & Chief Visionary, Maths Pathways, Australia (recommended mainly for Maths and Science Teachers) (interpretation English-Romanian)

Masterclass 302.
Making Learning Visible – John Hattie (interpretation English-Romanian)

Masterclass 402.
Self-organising systems and Minimally Invasive Education – Sugata Mitra 

Masterclass 502.
The focus of future teacher training – Stepehn Cox, CEO of Osiris Educational, co-creator of the World Education Summit

Masterclass 602.
Inquiry Schools: Why does learning matter? – Diana Laufenberg (recommended for principals)

Masterclass 702.
Closing the achievement and opportunity gap – Alina Amir, Arus Academy, Malaysia

Masterclass 802.
Student Leadership in a deeply inequitable world – Shaheen Mistri, CEO and co-founder Teach for India

Networking onsite
Acces & Networking
Main Stage
Sugata Mitra - The School in the Could: Technology and Education
Victoria Colbert - Innovative Models for Equitable Education

Masterclass 103.
AI and robotics supporting cognitive, social and emotional development – Sneh Vaswani,, India (English only)

Masterclass 203.
Entrepreneurial education for children: digital tools – Elena Lotrean, education entrepreneur, CEO at MiniMBA

Masterclass 303.
Educație prin artă: Practici validate de educaţie muzicală centrată pe nevoile de formare ale elevului / Education through art: Validated practices of music education centered on the students' learning needs – Ana-Maria Rusu

Masterclass 403.
Cultivarea învăţării preşcolarilor prin sarcini provocatoare / Cultivating preschoolers' learning through challenging tasks – Marişca Morari & Anca Mezei

Masterclass 503.
Cultivarea rezilientei in sala mea de clasa - adaptare si incluziune in contextul educatiei copiilor cu CES / Resilient Teacher - Classroom adjustment for children with Special Education Needs – Iulia Mandasescu & Antonela Samson

Masterclass 603.
Reziliența în clasă, școală și comunitate: o abordare integrată, fundamentată pe compasiune – Marius Luca, fundatia Verita

Masterclass 703.
Making Learning Visible – John Hattie (interpretation English-Romanian)

Masterclass 803.
Bottom-up innovation in education leadership and learning – Vikcy Colbert, Escuela Nueva, Columbia (recommended for principals)

Break (Lunch)

Masterclass 104.
Maximise children’s potential with a holistic approach – Dragos Grigoriu, CEO and Founder SupersonaApp (interpretation English-Romanian on demand) (also recommended for parents)

Masterclass 204.
Leveraging technology to create an ecosystem of highly skilled educators – Oluwaseun Kayode, Nigeria

Masterclass 304.
Learnership: Raising the status of learning from an act to an art in your school – James Anderson)

Masterclass 404.
How to create learning communities in education? – Peter Senge, Massachusets Institute of Technology (MIT), Sloan School of Managment (recommended for principals) (interpretation English-Romanian)

Masterclass 504.
Things that make teachers great – John Hattie

Masterclass 604.
Cum construim direcția tanarului la intersecția dintre talente, pasiuni, valori și motivații – Luciana Baicea, Mindarchitect (doar în română, no interpretation into English)

Masterclass 704.
"The fourth leg of the stool”: building trusting relationships and supporting safe learning spaces for students – Cami Anderson, Thirdway Solutions

Masterclass 804.
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion as factors of successful leadership in schools – Lisa Vernon

Main Stage
Peter Senge - Leading Systems Change
Cami Anderson - Rethinking Equity
Niko Axel Herlin - What do the futures of learning look like?
Networking onsite
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